Jeff, 79 years young.

"As an older person I have benefited greatly from Oscar’s guidance over the past five years.  His easy style and professional attitude have encouraged me to achieve a fitness level equivalent to 30 years ago, culminating in a gold medal at the 2019 NSW Indoor Rowing Championships.  His weekly sessions are always interesting and varied with just the right amount of pressure applied."

Andrew F

"Oscar Bradley has been my personal trainer for about 5 years. I was introduced to him and the services he provides through friends training using his expertise at the Sydney Cricket Ground and Football Stadium. 

Oscar has worked on issues with me such as flexibility and core strength with me over the years and has successfully adapted my programmes to cover back injuries , cancer and heart issues. 

Oscar is a great motivator and I recommend his expertise and innovative capacity to anyone who needs a reliable trainer who knows what he is doing."


"Oscar has been a great help in constructing an easy to follow online program. He is dedicated to ensuring my program is updated each week and structures it around what equipment I have access to.
Oscar is always available to clarify any queries and for general support. His easy going approach makes online coaching equally as enjoyable as his in person sessions."