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I have always loved sport and fitness, through out high school I juggled school, sport and training my mates at our small home gym (located in my brothers room) and this is where my love of training people began. I always wanted to be able to make people feel the way I felt after a great training session, the endorphin rush, the feeling of achieving something, the self confidence that is built, all from 45-90 minutes of exercise. During the later years of school was when I really started to see the positive influence my training could have on others, and so be it my career as a Personal Trainer was just a natural progress to do what I loved.


After school I was chasing my dream of making the Nutri Grain Ironman series. I had some reasonable success as a junior ironman (gold in the u17 NSW ironman titles and bronze at the national titles in the same year) and learning how my gym program could benefit my performance on the weekend was vital. So I researched and reached out to some of my training idols and through injury and varied performances I started to learn and apply different training principles to myself and my clients. As I learnt more and more my client base built and they started to see great results, so much so I decided that the outcomes and satisfaction that I was getting out of helping people was far greater than the sense of achievement I was getting from racing. So after a 10km ocean swim, I threw in the towel and stopped chasing the Ironman dream. I then went in the opposite direction and hired a weightlifting coach. 

Being still a skinny 20 year old I had mild success at a few amateur Olympic Weightlifting competitions and put on a small amount of muscle (shortly after I started learning about nutrition and put on some more). The basics I learnt from my weightlifting training ie the deadlift, back squat and the press are all exercises that you can apply variations to almost anyone.

After a few years of weightlifting I cut back and started running track with renown sprint coach Roger Fabri. Rog had me competing in the gift races soon enough, which was great to have to competitive juices flowing again, the only problem? I was slow! So again I started to learn and apply not only Rog's training but also various gym programs and I got faster. Around this time I started The Hyperformance Podcast with my brother and was (and still am) able to reach out and interview top athletes and coaches, a great driver in my learning.

And that takes us to the now, I still sprint, weight lift and swim, of late my goal has shifted, I want to be as well rounded in my own training as I can and continue to learn and apply to myself and my clients everything I can possible learn to benefit us on our training journey.